How We Learn

Students will have the choice to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. 

Curriculum is covered through:

  • Community and classroom activities
  • Paper module learning
  • Online learning
  • Concurrent options at the high schools (SGCHS and/or MCHS)

Students will be enrolled in courses with subject area teachers through Outreach, with the opportunity to learn using paper booklets or the Schoology online software. If - for whatever reason - the student finds themselves struggling with all or part of a module, the teacher-liaison can work with the student and their subject area teacher to find a reasonable alternative to meet the curricular outcome(s).

Hub students will also have the opportunity to meet curricular outcomes through community outings and in-class activities. In-class activities will include growth mindset and wellness activities to support "the whole person" of each student as they continue on their learning journey.

Students and their families will work with the teacher-liaison to build a course schedule and timeline that works for them, and to participate in goal-setting for academic achievement and other aspects of their lives. Regular communication helps ensure each student is progressing toward their goals, with support from the teacher liaison to make changes as necessary.

The Learning Hub strives to be a safe space for students to explore what they need to be successful in accomplishing their secondary education with the support of the teacher-liaison and the community of Hub classmates, as well as connecting students to subject area teachers and community partners.