English Language Arts students demonstrate increasing competence in the use of oral and written language and the appreciation and understanding of literature. The skills developed at each grade include reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing. Students look at texts in a deeper, more thoughtful way and enjoy sharing their opinions and insights with others. The course sequences have been developed to meet the needs, attitudes, interest, and future plans of the students.

English Language Arts 10-1

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Recommended minimum of 65% in English Language Arts 9

This course offers both literary and language components. Students study and analyze a variety of texts including: non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, drama, and feature films. Based on these texts, students are required to produce personal and critical responses in formats of print and non-print (presentation, visual, etc.).

In order to complete the responses successfully, students use and develop their technology skills in presenting and managing information.

This course is intended for academic students wishing to further their studies at a post-secondary institution.

English Language Arts 10-2

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Recommended minimum of 50-64% in English Language Arts 9

This course integrates English Language Arts and life-skills. It allows students to expand their knowledge of language in practical and interesting ways. Greater emphasis is placed on responding, exploring and supporting their own views. Students analyze advertisements, learn about media awareness, increase reading comprehension skills and use a variety of computer programs.

English Language Arts 10-4 (KAE)

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Below 40% in Language Arts 9 plus recommendation from the Language Arts 9 teacher and/or counselor

Students will enhance basic language competencies in the areas of:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Viewing
  • Verbal and nonverbal communications
  • Research

English Language Arts 20-1

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Highly recommended minimum of 60% in English Language Arts 10-1

In English 20-1, students continue to develop essay writing and personal response skills by responding insightfully to various pieces of literature. They will study a novel, a modern play, a Shakespearean play, Canadian themed short stories and a variety of poems. Students grow in their abilities to support their ideas by embedding quotations from literature fluently and persuasively. This course enhances the skills required to take Grade 12 academic English courses.

English Language Arts 20-2

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Minimum of 50% in English 10-2

This course focuses on improving speaking and writing skills. Students explore short stories, plays and creative poetry. Formal and informal writing increases student confidence in writing.

English Language Arts 20-4 (KAE)

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Minimum 50% in English 10-4

Students continue to develop their language competencies and exploration of language in order to become successful communicators. Emphasis is placed on the development and application of reading and writing skills.

English Language Arts 30-1

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Highly recommend minimum of 60% in English 20-1

This academic course focuses on the study of literature through novels, short stories, non-fiction and poetry. Emphasis is placed on the study of a Shakespearean and modern play. This course requires a rigorous work ethic and requires a firm commitment to produce work of the highest academic standing.

English Language Arts 30-2

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Minimum of 50% in English 20-2

This program is a continuation of English 20-2. Emphasis is placed on practical communication skills rather than a study of literature. It prepares students for the communication demands of the business world.

There is a focus on the business letter, the speech, inquiry skills, non-fiction as well as fiction reading. Students continue with the language arts strands of reading, writing, viewing, listening, speaking and representing. Critical thinking skills in practical situations are also stressed.

English Language Arts 30-4 (KAE)

5 Credits

Prerequisite: Minimum of 50% in English 20-4

Students continue to strengthen their skills in language competencies and exploration of language in relation to everyday living. Students who successfully complete this course may earn a Certificate of High School Achievement.