Locally Developed Courses

The courses in this section are currently offered; however, their availability may change from year to year.

Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies 15/25/35 (LDC1599/2599/3599)

5 Credits Per Course

The aim of Learning Strategies is to encourage and support students in response to their own diverse learning needs, course of study and teaching practices. Learning Strategies facilitates and promotes self-advocacy and independence in pursuit of personal well-being and academic achievement. Students will build their academic competencies across all of their disciplines.

Forensic Studies

Forensic Studies 25/35 (LCD2569/3569)

3 Credits Per Course

CSI anyone? In Forensics Studies students will investigate and evaluate the processes involved in the collection and preservation of crime scene evidence. As students delve into Forensics Studies, they will investigate and analyze the strengths and limitations of forensic evidence analysis. This course will focus on the ethical considerations involved in the use of forensic evidence. As well, students will explore a variety of occupations and potential career opportunities in the field of forensics.


Smudging 15 (LDC1015)

1 Credit

Smudging is an ancient ritual practiced by many cultures in some form throughout the world. Smudging: Elder Chronicles (2019) 15 teaches smudging skills and describes the necessary materials needed to learn how to smudge in cultural or non-cultural contexts. Furthermore, the course examines diverse cultural practices that incorporate the burning of incense into a ritual of wellbeing. Regular practice has been known to provide cognitive (specifically: focus) and affective (specifically: calm) benefits.


Guitar 15/25/35 (LDC 1568/2568/3568)

3 Credits Per Course

Guitar 15, 25, 35 offers students the opportunity to develop instrumental musicianship through playing and performing guitar. Students will learn guitar technique, basic elements of music theory and critical listening skills. Guitar offers many opportunities for students to explore, learn and write guitar music in the style of their choice.


Psychology - Abnormal 35 (LDC3155)

3 Credits

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of current mental illnesses, along with extensive etiology, DSM-5 criteria, treatments and prevalence in society. Particular focus will be from a current and Canadian perspective. Students will study the major types of mental illness using videos, interactive websites, class activities, journal writing, case studies, discussions and forums.

Students will develop an understanding of mental illness and the stigma still associated with many illnesses. Students will also have instruction and practice with mental health first aid, adaptive coping methods and some therapeutic techniques. Sensitive material will be treated ethically and appropriately both in class and outside of it.