Social Sciences

All of the courses in this section are available. Most are done through module work; however, there is always the possibility of creating an alternative format.


Personal Psychology 20 (SSN2171)

3 Credits

The objectives of the 3-credit course in psychology are designed to develop within the student the skills and understandings that make it possible for more effective living in our complex environment.  The student’s attention will focus on the scientific approach to understanding human behaviour.

General Psychology 20 (SSN2172)

3 Credits

What a curious thing the human brain is. In this course, you’ll get a general overview of psychology, including its history and the psychological principles of learning and thinking. You’ll also learn about stress and aggression, the influence of small groups, and the status of roles while gaining insights into neurosis and psychosis.

Aboriginal Studies

Aboriginal Studies 10/20/30 (SSN1154/2154/3154)

5 Credits each level

The focal point of Aboriginal Studies is the wealth and diverse nature of Aboriginal languages and cultures. It is intended to provide a conceptual framework for all learners to enhance understanding of the diverse Aboriginal cultures within Canada and the world. This course is based on perspectives and worldviews of Aboriginal peoples. It includes the study of traditions and history of Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and particularly in Alberta. Student learning outcomes provide opportunities to examine such topics as governmental structures, literature, the arts and the sciences.

World Geography

World Geography 30 (SSN3166)

3 Credits

This course is distinct from the Social Studies curriculum. Students will explore topics in map reading and atlas skills, movement of the earth, climate, world geographic systems, world patterns of population and settlement, world patterns of humankind’s use of the earth and world patterns of physical elements.