Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get all my credits to graduate?

All students will have access to high school programming. Graduation requirements are the same for all students in Parkland School Division.

What are the requirements for graduation?

Graduation requirements are the same across the province. To fulfill the requirements of the Learning Hub, digital and inquiry classes, as well as a service project will also need to be completed.

How will you support the learning in specialized programs such as the sciences and math?

Students will have access to subject area experts throughout the year, and may be involved in laboratory and field trip opportunities outside of the school.

What are the costs associated with the program?

Costs for the Learning Hub are the same as those for traditional high schools. Fees may be charged (to a limit) for occupational opportunities and field trips just as they are in other schools.

What does the schedule look like?

Mornings include community-building, mindfulness and growth mindset activities, while the afternoons are more for independent subject area work.

How will this school be a different experience from traditional high school?

There will be numerous differences, including more choice, more involvement with the community, and smaller class sizes resulting in more one-on-one learning. Students will have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning in collaboration with and with support from their teacher.

What type of student would be successful in this program?

We serve learners of all kinds, but we specialize in those in serving those who want to learn in different ways. The Learning Hub is for students who want to take ownership of their learning and have an impact on their community and their world.

How will students be assessed?

There will be more self-reflection, more performance-based evaluation, and less reliance on traditional testing methods. Written responses and multiple choice tests will still be used in preparation for diploma exams, but on a different scale.

What access will students have to technology and occupational courses?

Students will have access to members of the community that are willing to participate in the program, and this may or may not include using the equipment and spaces available in businesses in high school classrooms.

Does your program meet the standards of instruction for Alberta Education?

All students are required to meet the standards set out in the Education Act, and students in this program will be no different.

What does community involvement look like in this program?

Numerous support organizations and volunteer leaders in business, social services, and community development will be working with students in this program.

Can a student be absent and still be successful in this program?

It is conceivable that students will have the ability to miss some school and be more successful than they would in the traditional environment, however, good attendance will contribute to a greater ability to access the resources that will be available at the school and in the community.

What happens if a student is not successful in this program?

Students will be able to transfer to other Parkland School Division schools and be credited with any of the work they have accomplished to that point.

Will they walk across a stage and get a diploma in a gown?

Successful students who have met the graduation requirements will receive an official high school diploma and be part of a graduation ceremony as a celebration of their time and work.